I offer a consulting service that has been optimised for the online setting.

Whether it be to improve health and longevity, improve strength and athletic ability or to simply look great naked; this service extends to you. I provide uncompromised support through the delivery of exercise programming, nutritional interventions, lifestyle and behaviour modification. I am based in Perth, Western Australia, and have successfully worked with clients locally, throughout Australia and internationally.

Whilst online consulting is not for everyone, it can be very successful for the right individual. Having a well defined goal, a clear understanding of what is required to get there is the first step. Following that up with an emphasis on accountability, a focus on the details that actually matter for you as an individual, and prioritising education on how to self-manage over the short and long-term can deliver phenomenal results.

The services you receive will be tailored to what you want to achieve. For information on what I offer, head over to my services page.